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Fee Only Hourly Planning and Guidance

Transparent.  Flexible.  Affordable.

Our Philosophy On Fees

We believe in a fee for service approach for both Financial Planning and Guidance.  We feel this offers the best value for our clients and ensures objective advice. We do not believe in an Asset Under Management (AUM) model like some fee only planners.  We have a strong opinion that this approach has the tendency to drive up fees and can also possibly result in a conflict of interest.  Please see question #7 in the FAQ's regarding why we think this is the case.

Our approach embraces four fee modelsAll achieve our goals of Transparency, Flexibility and Affordability.

First Fee Model - High-level Review 
With this service, a high level analysis of your overall financial condition will be performed.  Although the review isn't intended to replicate the scope and detailed recommendations of a comprehensive financial plan, valuable and actionable insights will be provided.  The fee for this service is $1,000-$1,500 depending on the complexity of the client's financial situation.  

Second Fee Model - Comprehensive Financial Plan
As a result of the Get Acquainted Call, the scope and cost of your Comprehensive Financial Plan will be determined.  One half of the cost of the plan will be due at the time the contract is signed and the remainder due at the time of the Comprehensive Financial Plan Review Meeting.  
Although our hourly un-discounted rate is $190 per hour and typical plans range from 25- 45 hours to prepare and communicate, the cost of the comprehensive plan normally falls in the $3,000 -$4,500 range.  Particularly complex plans may be more. 

Third Fee Model - Meetings and Miscellaneous Financial Advice. 
These services will be charged at the $190 per hour rate.  

Fourth Fee Model - Financial Advice Based Upon a Block of Advisor's Time.
Under this subscription approach, up to 12 hours of advisor time will be available to you for an annual fee of $1,500.  This is a  35% reduction in the normal $190 hourly rate.  The subscription model is an excellent value and a great way to pay for your periodic review meetings as well as miscellaneous financial advice needs that may arise during the year.  For clients requiring more than 12 hours of annual advisor time, other subscription plans are available. 

Note: The subscription offer is only available to clients who have already purchased a comprehensive financial plan.  The 12 hour annual block of advisor time is available only for the current calendar year and unused hours at December 31, do not carry over to the following year.  Scheduling of the advisor time is the responsibility of the client. 

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