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Retirement Years

While it is very important to have a competent financial advisor during the Wealth Building and Leading Up to Retirement years, it is crucial during the Retirement Years.  This stage is where a CPA, CFP® can add the most value.  Big financial mistakes and market volatility can be devastating to your financial future if your portfolio is not positioned properly.

We can help you create a retirement income floor utilizing your retirement savings that will give you a dependable inflation resistant income stream throughout your retirement, similar to your working years paycheck.  This is done primarily through the use of individually maturing government bonds, a diversified portfolio of income producing stocks, combined with other equities for growth and a further hedge against inflation.  Additionally, we will help advise you with the complexities of your other retirement income scenarios, including:

  • Social Security claiming strategies

  • Deferred compensation distributions

  • Lump sum vs. annuity pension analysis 

  • IRA Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)

  • Roth Conversion strategies 

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