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At Lamke Financial LLC, our fee structure is based upon a fee for service planning model.  As fee only planners, we only accept compensation from our clients.  We never sell products or accept commissions from outside sources that may result in a conflict of interest.

Our "advice by the hour" approach ensures Objective recommendations and a fee structure that is both Transparent and Affordable compared to most financial advisors.

Services Tailored to Address Your Specific Needs

You only pay for help as you need it.  In return, you get our unbiased professional advice.  We can serve all of your financial advice needs, from the simplest of questions, to the most complex comprehensive financial plan.

Although typically, the maximum benefit is best achieved through the creation of a complete financial plan which encompasses all aspects of your life and financial situation, we realize that approach may not always meet your needs.  Maybe you have an issue or two that you could use some help with, but addressing them does not require a formal plan.  That is not a problem, because with our fee for service structure it is possible to employ a flexible approach and still achieve the desired result at a reasonable cost with fee transparency. 

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